Play Casino Holdem Today - Win Real Money

Casino Hold'em is a new online casino game, having only been introduced in 2000. The first license for the game in the UK happened in 2007, much later than other poker versions.

The game was developed by Stephen Au-Yeung in the years leading to 2000. He was looking for a simple way to teach his partner how to play Texas Hold'em, the poker version from which this game is derived. The ease of learning and speed of play made it just the perfect game to play in modern casinos online.

Play Casino Holdem Today - Win Real Money
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Play Casino Holdem Online

The online version of Casino Hold 'em follows the same model and rules as that of physical casinos. Players play against the house rather than each other. The aim is to have a better five-card hand than the dealer from the cards dealt to the player and the flop dealt on the table.

Playing online is either through a static computer-dealt style or on a live dealer model where the player sees and interacts with the croupier in real-time through a live stream.

Best Casino Hold'em Bonuses

When introducing new casino games online, providers usually offer lucrative bonuses to attract players and help them acclimatize. There are also popular bonuses to reward regular players. The same goes for Casino Hold'em.

No-Deposit Welcome Bonus

Some casinos offer players a bonus just by signing up on their site. The bonus can be used to play and win real money as long as the wagering requirement is met. For one of the new poker games to play, this is a great bonus to learn the ropes. Even if you do not win, you get to understand the game without spending any money.

First-Deposit Bonus

This is a bonus offered to match the first single deposit or several deposits when you sign up on an online casino. Some casinos may match your initial deposit 100% up to a certain amount. If the limit is $200, you get the same bonus amount as your deposit for deposits that do not exceed $200.

Other casinos match the first two, three, or four bonuses at a decreasing percentage, e.g., 100% for the first deposit, 75% for the second deposit, 50% for the third, and 25% for the fourth deposit.

Loyalty Bonus

This is awarded to players who play the game often or with vast amounts of money. It could be on a particular day, for example, Friday Casino Hold' Em bonus. Or holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, or after spending a specified amount at the casino.

How to Play Casino Hold'em

Stephen Au-Yeung's efforts to simplify the game for his partner benefited the entire casino world with rules that are easy to learn to play. Any player looking for new poker games to play will love this version.

Casino Hold'em Rules

The aim of Casino Hold'em is as follows: The game is won by forming a better five-card hand than the dealer. Players do not play against each other but rather against the house. A game round ends in either a player win, dealer/house win, or a push (draw). Every round is played using a standard deck of 52 cards.

After logging onto the new casino website, you select the standard Casino Hold'em game or the live dealer version. You then decide whether to play using a bonus (if available) or with your deposit.

  • Players show intent to play by placing an ante bet. There is also an optional side bet called AA Bonus.
  • Once the bet is made, the dealer draws two cards for the player and two cards for themselves, both face-down.
  • The dealer then places three other cards on the table face-up. These may increase to five as the game progresses.
  • Players are allowed to check their cards and make a decision.

Two decisions can be made:

  • Fold: If a player decides the round is too bad, they opt-out. This decision leads to a loss of the ante bet.
  • Call: This is a decision to continue playing. It is confirmed by placing another bet that is twice the value of the ante bet.

If a Call bet is made, the dealer draws two more cards and places them on the table to bring the total of the flop (cards on the table) to five.

Both the player(s) and the dealer make a five-card poker hand that they feel is their best. This is done using their two cards and three cards from the five-card flop.

Players then compare their hand against the dealer's.

Game's Results

  • The dealer needs two 4s or better to qualify.
  • If the dealer fails to qualify, the Ante bet wins, and the Call bet pushes (draws). The Ante is paid in line with the paytable, and the Call is returned to the player as the same amount wagered.
  • If the dealer qualifies, the player needs a better hand to win the round.
  • If the player's hand is better than the dealer's, the Ante bet is paid out as per the paytable, and the Call Bet is paid out 1 to 1 (topped up with an equal amount).
  • If both the dealer's and player's hands are equal, all bets push. The player receives back the exact amounts wagered on both Ante and Call bets.
  • If the dealer has a better hand, the player loses all their bets.

Online Casino Holdem Strategy

When playing new casino games online, it is always wise to try and get the hang of them offline. This is because new online casino games are usually fast-paced and may not give you time to learn each action.

Over and above that, important Casino Hold'em advice includes:

  • Call when you have any pair, Ace-high, open-ended straight draw, two over-cards, or flush draw. Also, call a Queen-high except when community cards are monotone in a separate suit.
  • Fold when your cards do not match a suit when the board is paired.
  • The Side Bet is always a necessary risk; make it as often as you can.

Casino Hold'em Tips for Beginners

This is one of the best games for players looking for new poker games to play online. It does not intimidate beginner players and also sets a base for them to learn more complex poker games. Here are some tips to help new players excel in online Casino Hold'em.

  • Practice offline first: Try several offline rounds with people who understand the game. This will help you to learn the flow of the game, rules, and terminology in a slow-paced setting.
  • Use welcome bonuses to acclimatize: Welcome bonuses are opt-in promotions that players often bypass because of playthrough requirements. Always opt-in and use them to learn the feel and flow of the game in an online setting. Even if you lose or the bonus win expires, you do not lose any real money. Alternatively, you could play in a new casino that offers free Casino Hold'em for a start.
  • Avoid Side Bets: As a rookie, a Side Bet is unwise since you have not learned when to call and when to fold. Avoid it until you understand the online gameplay well.

Advanced Casino Hold 'em Tips

  • Always go for the Side Bet: When you know how to make smart Call and Fold decisions, a Side Bet constantly improves your potential win amount.
  • Manage gaming sessions: Be keen to keep track of your winning and losing streaks. Whatever run you are on, be careful not to over-engage. Do not chase wins or losses spurred by emotion. Just as in Texas Hold'em, you should always avoid tilting.
  • Study paytables: Take time to study payables in different new casinos online to find out which ones return the highest payouts for similar bets.

Casino Hold'em Odds

The odds vary from one hand to another. This is why there is a paytable that has varying payouts for bets winning with different card combinations.

  • A royal flush (a hand with an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten of a suit) has 1 in 31,000 odds. It pays out the highest amount (100:1)
  • A straight flush (five sequential rank cards of one suit, e.g., 8, 9, 10, J, and Q of spades) has 1 in 3200 odds and pays 20:1
  • A four-of-a-kind hand has a 1 in 6000 chance and pays 10:1
  • A full house has a 1 in 39 odds and pays 3:1
  • A flush has a 1 in 33 odds and pays 2:1
  • A straight or less has a 16 out of 17 chance and pays 1:1

Of all new online casino games, Casino Hold'em has one of the lowest house edges at just 2.16 %. It is a simple game that can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels and is available in the most reputable new casinos online around the globe.

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